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Mr. Wood is born

Welcome to Mr. Wood Land! I’m excited to share the adventures of Mr. Wood with you and this site is where that will happen.

The first thing I have planned is an animated series. I’ve got 2 episodes written, both about 2 minutes long. Quality is important to me, so rest assured that this won’t be no shitty web cartoon. I’m spending the time to animate it the right way, by hand, just like our forefathers did. Ultimately, I’d love to hire a talented animator or two to do the animation for me. That way I can stick to writing and directing. But, until that happens, I’ll be animating it all myself.

After I start releasing animation I have plans to create comics, toys and games as well, all within the same universe. I sincerely won’t be happy until I see Mr. Wood tattooed on lunchboxes, t-shirts and ball-sacks.

It will be neat to see how this whole thing unfolds, and I hope you can join me.

Mr. Mueller